Dear patients,
The new flu vaccines are already in the pharmacies. Let’s remember the main recommendations for adults :
Over 50 years of age , because people over 50 are more susceptible to suffer complications from a severe case of influenza
People with chronic lung diseases (such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema), heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes.
Immunosuppressed for any reason (medication or HIV)
Women who are pregnant or will be pregnant during the flu season and women who gave birth until two weeks ago.
People with morbid obesity
Air and cruise crews or tour guides.
Teaching staff and anyone working in closed or collective environments.
Travelers wishing to reduce the risk of contracting the influenza virus, preferably two weeks before departure.
People who are in contact with children under 6 months and relatives and caregivers of people with certain diseases that put them at greater risk of serious complications from the flu.
And the self-employed, that we can not afford a sick leave…

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